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Bolts and Machine Screws – Metric

We supply a vast range of bolts and machine screws in metric measurements. These bolts and machines screws can be used with a range of washers, nuts, bolts and other fasteners that we can also provide in a range of sizes in materials. The ‘M’ in a fastener is representative of the measurement system in use which is the ISO Metric thread system and the following numbers represents the nominal diameter of the fasteners. Metric fasteners are the predominant type of fasteners within the UK. Other fasteners of the same number will fit in conjunction with your chosen fastener whether that be M4, M6 or larger sizes like M10 and M24.

Metric Nuts

Nuts are fasteners that are used to tighten and support bolts which are used with plates, surfaces and other contraptions on machinery, vehicles and other equipment. A nut is placed on the opposite side of what a bolt or screw is attached to adjacently, helping support the bolt more securely. This is particularly useful in conjunction with equipment that vibrates a lot. We have a range of metric nuts in stock, ranging from M4 and M8 to larger sizes like M24. Our nuts can be obtained in a number of materials including nylon, steel and stainless steel. Nuts can be purchased with different pitch variances depending on their intended use.

Metric Washers

We have a number of metric washers available to be used in conjunction with other metric fasteners such as nuts, bolts and screws. Nuts can be used as a fastener to distribute the load of a threaded bolt, screw or nut and be used as a spacer. Washers typically have an outer diameter than is twice the thickness of it’s inner diameter however we have a range of washers that will suit your needs. We have a range of washers in different material including steel, stainless steel and nylon.

Wood Screws

We have a range of wood screws available which are commonly used when working with wooden materials. The threads on wooden screws are far coarser than others, making them perfect for working with wood. These are commonly used for clamping wood together, fixing hinges, locks and other hardware with wood. These are a available in a number of sizes and materials. Slotted or flat-head heads are available as well as cross-heads or Phillips.


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