With almost thirty years in the engineering and fastening industry, we at Folly Mill are constantly finding new technologies to be excited about. While innovation is often at the forefront of our business, sometimes we find that it’s best to revert back to the classics.

Wood Screws at Folly Mill

Wood screws are the most commonly used type of timber fastener, and we are pleased to announce that we will soon be stocking a wide range in our online store. With a selection of lengths, head shapes and head types available for you to browse, we hope that you will find the best component to suit your specific needs.

Always striving for quality, we ensure that all our wood screws are strong and durable, with aggressive threads and tough metallic coatings where applicable. Usually made of hardened steel, we also stock stainless steel and brass coated options to suit your design. Wood screws have courser threading than other variations not specific to hardwood to provide a robust, sturdy fixture. Our selection of wood screws are suitable for hard-wearing timber jobs, such as connecting hardwood stock, or affixing fittings to wooden access apparatus such as hinges, bolts and door handles.

About Folly Mill

Having such an expansive wealth of industry experience, we are no stranger to a vast range of materials, and relish finding their most suitable fixings. With the recent introduction of our new online shop to our website, we can now offer you a wider range of products for all kinds of materials and purposes. From providing parts for metal CNC machining to offering heavy duty components for wooden fittings, you are welcome to browse at leisure to find your perfect part.

With a range of slotted and Phillips heads available, in a range of sizes, we’re sure you will find the perfect wood screws on our online shop. However, if you would like some tailored advice specific to your problem, get in touch with our Warwickshire Fasteners and our expert team via our contact page.